Capoeira é tema de jogo para celulares (Telefones Móveis)
01 Out 2007

Capoeira é tema de jogo para celulares (Telefones Móveis)

A Kato Studios anunciou a produção do jogo "Capoeira" para celulares (Telemóveis), baseado na arte brasileira que mistura dança, esporte e luta.

01 Out 2007
A Kato Studios anunciou a produção do jogo "Capoeira" para celulares (Telemóveis), baseado na arte brasileira que mistura dança, esporte e luta.
O jogo pretende reproduzir a fluidez e a beleza da arte desenvolvida pelos escravos. Os 125 quadros de movimentos foram reproduzidos por mestres, e reproduzem golpes como o martelo e a queixada.
Os cenários também serão tipicamente brasileiros, como as ruas de Salvador, a Amazônia Brasileira, as cataratas do Iguaçu e, é claro, o Corcovado do Rio de Janeiro. A trilha sonora pretende ser genuína, ao som de tambores e flautas.
Não é a primeira vez que a capoeira foi usada em um jogo. "Tekken 3", jogo de 1998 para PSOne trazia um personagem brasileiro, Eddy Gordo, que usava essa arte marcial e era dos lutadores mais eficientes do game.
Kato Studios – Capoeira The Game
The Game
The world’s most fashionable sport comes at last to your mobile phone, bringing you the rhythms, the colors and the landscapes of Brazil. Capoeira is a unique blend of fighting and dancing, the Afro-Brazilian martial art that is rocking the world by storm. Spectacular kicks at a mind-boggling pace and with breathtaking realism, all surrounded by the magical sights and sounds of Brazil .
Game Objective
To become the best “Capoeirista” in the world you must defeat your opponents with the performance of really artistic movements. It’s like beating them up with a combination of dance steps.Movements are smooth, attractive… beautifully dangerous. Definitely a great fight charged with lots of“beleza” .
– A graphic jewel for your mobile : More than 125 shots make the game visually stunning.Animations are extremely detailed and fluent.It’s something never seen before in a Java mobile game.
– Sceneries are marvellous : An encounter might well be in the middle of the Amazon, at the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, in the streets of Salvador de Bahia or before the imposing Iguazu waterfalls.Encounters take place in the most characteristic sceneries of Brazil .
– Music : As contagious as a samba and as energetic as a “batucada”. An ethnic touch is given to the game through its music. Drums, flutes and percussions will keep you moving on and on.
Core Gameplay
Capoeira The Game – Movements : Perform real Capoeira movements such as ‘martelo’, ‘meia lua’, ‘armada’, ‘queixada’, ‘au chibata’ and ‘roda parafuso’ among others. You can also make any movement you want by pressing any combination of keys, or follow the instructions if you want to do a special movement and see the very impressive graphics .
– Special effects : Every punch is accompanied by great sound and visual effects.
– New playing system : In Capoeira you can pick the attack you want to perform freely. Keys will not make you jump, advace, go back or fire. The combination is what counts, and you can make whichever one you like. – – Playing modes : Go into a championship or play just one combat. A championship will demand strength from you during six combats, each one of them of two rounds.You will face six different enemies in every championship, and each time you play, enemies will change.
– Levels: There are five difficulty levels. Will you resist?
Kato Studios & Bluetech SL –
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