Contra-Mestre Eurico

Nova Zelândia: “A Capoeira como instrumento de integração social”

O sempre dinâmico camarada Contra-Mestre Eurico, do Instituto Volta Por Cima, agora vivendo na Nova Zelândia está desenvolvendo um trabalho com capoeira e fazendo um mestrado em ciências sociais.
Eurico desenvolveu uma pesquisa, que está ligada aos seus estudos na Lincoln University, com o tema: "A Capoeira como instrumento de integração social".

A pesquisa é direcionada para estrangeiros que praticam ou tem envolvimento com a capoeira e busca ajudar quem ensina fora do Brasil.


Dear Capoeirista (Capoeira Practitioner),

You are receiving an e-mail asking you to participate in the following research:

Capoeira and its Social Integration processes in non Brazilian Multicultural Contexts

The aim of this research is to investigate to what extent Capoeira practice is associated heightened awareness of aspects of Brazilian culture, when practiced in non-Brazilian contexts. It is part of a postgraduate course of studies I am undertaking at Lincoln University, in New Zealand.

Participation is completely voluntary. It would consist in answering the attached form and sending it back to the contact address bellow. This questionnaire form will ask you about some of your details (e.g. age, sex, ethnicity). It will also ask about your ‘level of acculturation’ – this relates to how you see yourself in relation to Brazilian culture.

It will take you no more than 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire. This form needs to be filled out only once. After this, you might be contacted again for further research concerning a different research study on a similar topic. At that time you may once again decide if you want to participate.

If you decide to complete the questionnaire, note that you free to refuse to answer any one or more of the questions, and you can withdraw from the study without explanation. To withdraw your information, simply contact the lead researcher, Eurico Vianna, at Lincoln University (see the contact details below) and he will destroy your information at any point up to the time the first research report is submitted for publication.

Any information you provide will be only used for research purposes. The researcher and the course supervisor, Dr. Gary Steel, will be the only ones able to access the answers, and you can be sure that all the information provided by you will remain confidential. Once all the data is analysed, a report of the findings may be submitted for publication. Only group-level results will be reported; it will not be possible to identify any individuals in the report. A summary copy of these results will be sent to all participants. In addition, we would be pleased to fully answer any questions you may have at the end of the study.

Please be aware that if you are under-aged (under 16 years old), you must disregard this e-mail.

By sending back the completed questionnaire, the researcher will understand that you have read and understood the description of the above-named project, and that on this basis you agree to participate as a subject in the project, and that you had consented to the publication of the results of the project with the understanding that anonymity will be preserved. You will also have understood that you may withdraw from the project, including withdrawal of any information you had provided.

If you had decide to participate and you think some of your own contacts and/or students could be interested, as well, please send a list with their names and e-mail addresses together with your reply and the researcher will contact them. You may also publish this e-mail (exactly in the way it was sent to you) on your group’s website. Please do not forward this e-mail directly to your contacts. The researcher must keep track of the response rate as part of the research.

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

Eurico Vianna

Contact details:

e-mail: [email protected][email protected]  

Supervisor’s contact details:

Dr. Gary Steel

e-mail: [email protected]

ESD Division
P.O. Box 84
Lincoln University
Canterbury, New Zealand

Volta Por Cima Institute
Capoeira, Education and Culture
Christchurch, NZ
Coordinator – Contra-Mestre Eurico
Direction – Mestre Suassuna (Brazil)
mobile: 64 0210256606

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