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Meu Pai, Meu Mestre – um documentário sobre a Capoeira Angola

Exibição do Trailer no Festival de Filmes Latino Americano em Sidney

Meu Pai, Meu mestre explora as profundezas do relacionamento pai e filho / mestre e discípulo entre Mestre Virgilho da Fazenda Grande e Mestre Roxinho.

Master Virgilio pertence a uma das mais tradicionais linhagens de Capoeira Angola.
Seu filho adotivo, Mestre Roxinho, atravessou o oceano para chegar a Austrália, onde luta pela dignidade de seu pai e da Capoeira Angola.

My Father, My Master – a documentary on Capoeira Angola. Trailer screens at the Sydney Latin American Film Festival

CHAUVEL CINEMA – 10 MARCH – 6:30pm – screening of 7′ trailer + filmmaker intro

SYNOPSIS – watch 3′ trailer

My Father, My Master explores the depths of a father-son, master-disciple relationship.
Although 65 year-old Master Virgilio belongs to one of the most traditional lineages of Capoeira Angola and has lead a weekly practice for almost 50 years, foreign interest in Capoeira took most of his students abroad and he is losing the drive to continue. His adoptive son Master Roxinho crosses the oceans to Australia and fights for the dignity of his father and their shared practice: Capoeira Angola.

CAPOEIRA – more on the history of Capoeira Angola

Capoeira is fight within a dance, a ritual of resistance created in the 18th century by African slaves in Brazil. The music of Capoeira draws on the history and religions of Africa – an expression of physical and spiritual survival. The two main styles of Capoeira are Regional and Angola. Capoeira Angola is the practice that connects the two main characters of our story.

SUPPORT THE PROJECT (tax deductible)- details

MY FATHER, MY MASTER is a self-funded documentary shot with the support of companies, friends and volunteers. There has been no finance or grants from any kind directed to the project. I have invested my savings into the shooting of 60 hours of footage.

Now, in order to finalize this film I will need at least two months full time work – this means I can’t work for money. Your support is essential to the continuation of this project. Supporters will be credited in the documentary and a copy of the final film will be posted to them.

Once post-production is concluded and the supporting copies posted, a portion of any future sales will go towards the Capoeira Angola Cultural Centre.

BOOK IN ADVANCE – Sydney Latin American Film Festival tickets are selling out – click for details 

Paulo Alberton

11/69 Broome St – Maroubra – NSW – 2035 – Australia
H: 02- 9311-3335  M: 0439 960 748
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.vidiola.com

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